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Moulinex is a Groupe SEB brand along with Rowenta, Calor, All-Clad, Lagostina, Krups, and Tefal, all household products brands. The company designed and produced the Mouli grater. The company was founded by Jean Mantelet who in 1932 invented the Moulin-Légumes, a hand-crank food mill for puréeing vegetables. The design is considered an early forerunner to the modern food processor.


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Opératrice de production (Former Employee) says

"Environnement de travail très agréable dans cette entreprise."

Agent de production (Former Employee) says

"Nettoyage des écrans sérigraphique, entreprise très variable."

Convoyeur (Former Employee) says

"Début 5h30 prise de consigne approvisionnement des lignes changement de séries Bon management collaborateurs agréables Le plus difficile suivre le rythme imposé par la chaine Point positif cadre agréableavantagepas d évolution"

Chris says

"Should be zero star rating. Order placed 4th of May. No updates, no respond to emails or phone. Lost money."

Bitofadog says

"Appalling service. No updates on an order placed nearly a month ago. Repeated emails sent: all ignored. Phone never answered, and “voicemail is full”. What company deals with their customers like this? DO NOT USE! If I hadn’t sent repeated emails and been on the brink of contacting my credit card company I doubt I would have ever received the goods. Many other customers reporting similar experiences. They are a disgrace as a company. Order no.79719965"

Hayley says

"Non existent customer service. Ordered four frying pans almost a month ago. Two arrived two weeks later but not had the other two. No mention of multiple deliveries when I ordered and no response to emails and phone has been disconnected. Now having to go through my bank to reclaim the money."

Robert Collins says

"do not use this company,take your money,phone disconnected,wont answer emails,had to get paypal involved to sort out,do not use this company"

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